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common problem

1. Is the product sold by a certain company genuine licensed? What is the after-sales service?
A: The goods sold by a certain company are authentic licensed, and the invoice is provided free of charge. With the sales certificate of a certain company, all goods can enjoy after-sales service guarantee, and a certain company will strictly fulfill the obligation of exchange and return of goods for sale. See the after-sales instructions for details.
2. Why is the price of a certain company and the price of a physical product store so different?
A: A pair of products from producers to general agents, large and small wholesalers, to expensive and luxuriously decorated product stores, each level of price increases, consumers can only passively accept the high price, and a certain company is factory straight for. Query the reason for the low price of a certain company>>>
3. How to buy an order at a certain company?
A: Ordering in a certain company is the same as most shopping websites, if you don't know much about online shopping. View >>>Detailed purchase process (you can click to view each step, there is a detailed big picture introduction!).
4. What should I do if the transportation causes damage?
A: You don't have to worry about transportation problems because the goods on the road are damaged or the lost items are damaged by us. (After long-distance transportation, the outer packaging may have a slight collision. It is normal, but it will not damage the goods in the box. The packaging of a certain company is famous and strong.)
5. What is the shipping cost?
A: (1) You can click → delivery instructions → with delivery, shipping, and shipping time.
(2) After you click on the item to purchase, the system will inform you of the specific shipping time when the order is submitted.
6. How much time can I send?
A: Usually, our warehouses are in stock. Orders before 16:30 every day can be delivered by courier (you may contact you by courier before delivery), after shipment from Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, etc. Delivery within 2 working days, delivery in 2-3 business days after delivery in Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing, 2-5 working days in other cities (Enter my account details in the express delivery) You can self-check online on-line and arrival time. The first online self-service inquiry function for order delivery!
7. What should I do if I receive a product that is not satisfactory?
A: Within 30 days after you receive the goods, if you are not satisfied with the goods, do not like them, and have not opened the use or quality problems, you can unconditionally return or replace other products that you are satisfied with. For details, please refer to the return process>>>
8, do not give invoices?
All the products we sell are provided with free formal invoices. After you receive the goods and confirm your preference, you can enter the “My Account” and “Request for Invoice” items of a certain company to submit the invoice online. Our customer service will send the invoice to the mail. you. Request invoice instructions>>>
9. What payment methods does a certain company have?
A: The payment methods we currently support can be found in >>> Payment Method


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